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  • Do discounts apply to all MSRPs of a Make/Model?
    Yes, the discounts are applied to all MSRPs of a specific Make/Model.
  • How do I order a car?
    Simply go to the Manufacturer's site, download the PDF, and email it to
  • How are refunds handled?
    Refundable (100%) if your Application is Denied without conditions. Refundable (100%) if we are unable to obtain you a vehicle or pricing is not honored by dealer.
  • What is a Money Factor?
    Money Factor = Interest. These are set by the manufacturer. Dealers tend to mark up the interest rate to make additional profit. Our dealer's do not!
  • How long will the chip shortage last
    It is estimated that the car marker will not return to the status quo well until 2023. Ordering a vehicle is the only way to receive discounts.
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