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Step 1 Choose

Review our discounts for each make/model.


Some of these discounts apply only to orders. In this case, you will have to configure a vehicle to your liking on the manufacturer's site and then email your build to DistrictLeases after completing an Inquiry Form. 


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Step 2 Pricing

Before you make any commitment, we will provide you with a lease calculator quote that itemizes every aspect of your deal. For leases, this includes the lease duration, annual mileage, fees and taxes.


We can virtually walk you through your quote and adjust it in real time based on your needs.

Step 3 Pay Broker Fee

If you decide to move forward, we collect a broker fee of $499-$699. Once paid, we will connect you to one of our manufacturer approved network dealers.  A dealer representative will reach out to you within one business day.


Discounts will only be honored if our broker fee is paid.

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Step 4 Credit and Docs

The dealer will need you to complete a credit application and upload a copy of your driver's license and a valid insurance card.

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Step 5 Pickup or Ship


If you are local to the dealer, you can schedule a pickup. In most cases our dealerships will deliver the car to your door. If you require transportation to another state, we can recommend a shipper to have the car delivered to your doorstep.

Screenshot_2021-01-04 How it works carwo

Feel 100% looked after


We want you to feel reassured during the buying process – and beyond! That’s why we only work with manufacturer-approved dealers with showrooms you can visit. All new cars come with full manufacturer warranties and you’ll get all the after-sales support you need.

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